Reed bad


This reed market bag is used for shopping, and it can use as a fruit or vegetable basket.   ​


  • Size 12 ½” * 8 ½ * 12″
  • Quality design ​​​​
  • Handmade ​​​
  • Made to order ​​​
  • Eco-friendly ​​​
  • Colors are available.
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Reed Market Bag, woven by Pushpa Kumari, Craftswoman in Moragahawewa. ​​

  • These eco-friendly, 100% natural plant fiber Reed Market Bag.​
  • The locally available reed was dried in natural sunlight for 8 days and then woven using a specially designed mold. ​​
  • The product is purely handmade and based on handmade processes. ​​
  • As it is handcrafted there may be slight variations in colour, texture, shape, or size. ​​
  • Those are not considered as flaws, but rather an indication of our product’s uniqueness. ​
  • Delivered in 10 days within Sri Lanka​​​​
  • Delivery chargers are applicable.​​​​
  • For more details 070 630 3520.​


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