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One item, multi-purpose
Gift bag | Hamper bag | Market bag
- Handmade by Sri Lankan Craftswomen with Love
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Storage Box
Traditional | Environmentally friendly | Durable | Classic
-Transforming traditional art into modern
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Value-added Design
Traditional | Environmentally friendly | Durable | Classic
- Transforming traditional art into modern
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Eco-friendly Fashion Design
Environmentally friendly | Durable | Classic
- Transforming traditional art into modern
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Our Products

How every purchase helps our rural craftswomen
to be more independent

When you purchase one of our quality, handwoven products you help a rural businesswoman grow a sustainable business. Your support assists her financial independence and her contribution to her family. In the long term, your support will also create a sustainable community.

Our valued customers are environmentally aware and appreciate using authentic, eco-friendly products instead of plastic items.

The Reed Shop is a trade group of 80 female weavers who are bringing their handicrafts to an online marketplace. Our weavers use traditional designs to create modern household products and gifts.  These craftswomen honour our Sri Lankan history and keep our traditional crafts alive.

South Asia Partners Sri Lanka (SAPSRI) has trained rural craftswomen in advanced weaving techniques for reed and palmyra handicrafts.  

SAPSRI also trained female leaders of several Community-Based Organisations (CBO) in how to develop a start-up business, market their products, and generate a sustainable income from this e-commerce store.

SAPSRI held workshops to strengthen and develop female CBO leaders in operational guidelines, management procedures and financial management practices.  SAPSRI will continue to hold training sessions on CBO procedures for sustainable growth.

South Asia Partners, Sri Lanka (SAPSRI) is empowering rural craftswomen with the financial support of HSCB.

Female-led Community-Based Organisations are in Ramabakanayagama and Moragahawewa, Hinguregama, Pallama, Pitalaka and Bandaranaike Mawatha.