“The first day I went to training I thought this was a waste of time. That’s because the product I made was low quality. Somehow, I learned something from the training, so I decided to make a small reed bag for my daughter. The other students at the school were impressed with the bag and asked for the same kind of bags after that. Already, I was able to make nearly 120 bags for my daughter’s friends and others. It develops my skills and provide a additional income for my family.”

Nayana, Rambakanayagama, Nawagattegama


The Reed Shop has 80 craftswomen weaving a wide range of eco-friendly reed and talipot palm products. These women share Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage by weaving tradition, plant-based handicrafts. The Reed Shop aims to develop the skills and knowledge of rural female entrepreneurs. It provides economic opportunities for women from the Nawagattegama and Pallama areas in Puttalama. Through their fair-trade business community, the women contribute to the development of society and Sri Lanka. The Reed Shop project is a community-based initiative of South Asia Partnership, Sri Lanka (SAPSRI) with the financial assistance of HSBC.


South Asia Partners – Sri Lanka works closely with rural craftswomen to become female entrepreneurs. Our workshops train local women to weave quality, reed products. We also develop their business management and marketing skills so they can generate a sustainable income. The Reed Shop weavers use traditional designs to create contemporary household products and gifts. Our craftswomen honour our Sri Lankan history and keep our traditional crafts alive. Our customers value using authentic, eco-friendly products to replace plastic items.


SAPSRI believes community-based participation, such as women’s Community Based Organisations (CBOs), is the foundation of community development. Through the Reed Shop, SAPSRI is expanding the skill and knowledge of women’s CBOs in Nawagattegama and Pallama. We aim to create a new source of income for these craftswomen and a recognised fair-trade business.

Every purchase from the Reed Shop helps a rural businesswoman grow a sustainable business. Your support assists her financial independence and contribution to her family. In the long term, this will also create a sustainable community.


For over 40 years, South Asia Partnership – Sri Lanka (SAPSRI) has developed sustainable and resilient communities.
To date, South Asia Partnership, a non-profit organisation, has initiated over 200 microfinance projects in villages. We target specific communities

  • to grow their livelihoods
  • strengthen the participation of women and youth
  • build the capacity of community-based organisations (CBO) and
  • promote good governance.